Wednesday, February 25, 2015

32 year-old Karla Flores was a seafood vendor in Mexico before something terrible happened one morning. She was working in the marketplace one morning when she heard an explosion, only to be struck in the face with something.


Flores was rushed to the hospital, where she found out that “something” was a grenade. Doctors found that the grenade was lodged in the right side of her face, and as it was still live, it could detonate at any time. Since anyone who tried to remove the grenade would be risking their lives, the head of the hospital asked for volunteers to operate on Flores. Four brave doctors stepped forward.


Flores was taken to an open field for the operation, just in case the grenade detonated. After a long operation, the grenade was finally removed from her face.


Despite the successful surgery, Flores still has a long road to recovery. She lost half her teeth in the incident, and doctors predict she still has three years-worth of surgeries to undergo. She will also likely carry her large facial scar for the rest of her life.

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