Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pitbulls suffer from quite a bad reputation, as they are known as dogs that are nasty, dangerous, and downright dangerous. However, this video shows that they have a softer side as well.

When animal services in Dallas caught sight of a pitbull named Pittie standing on the side of the road, they were shocked by what she was doing. Pittie was caring for a young stray kitten and was trying to act as the baby’s mother.

Pittie and the kitten were rushed to Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas for treatment, and there officials learned more about them both. It turns out Pittie was trying to nurse the kitten, but was unable to as her milk had already dried up. The kitten, who is named Kitty, was no more than ten days old at the time.

Pittie and Kitty are inseparable to this day and it has been ordered that they be adopted together, wherever they go.

“Each morning and when I go in to get Kitty for a feeding she is usually snuggled with Pittie,” said Dr. Rick Hamlin, who has cared for these adorable animals.

Frankly, we’d love to adopt these two! Would you?

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