Friday, April 17, 2015

Grand Central Station is a legendary train station in New York City that thousands of commuters pass through every day. However, what many people don’t know is it also houses two secret rooms that¬†are strictly off limits today.

Nine stories below the lowest floor of the station is a bunker called M42 that was built during World War II. Legend says that during the war, the bunker had armed guards with shoot-to-kill orders while the station’s trains were being used to shuttle soldiers.


The other secret room in the station is much larger, and it is known as Track 61. The track was built for wealthy travelers arriving on private trains, and it has an elevator that goes to the garage level of the ritzy Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.


The track was frequently used by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose private train included a car that held his limousine. When he travelled to New York, he would go to Track 61 and take the elevator straight into the Waldorf-Astoria, preventing the public from seeing his wheelchair.

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