Tuesday, August 25, 2015

At 1:30am on August, 16, Ontario police were flying over Highway 7 and Pine Valley Drive in an Air2 assisting officers on the ground who were responding to a weapons call.

According to Liveleak, the pilot and the tactical officer were searching for a suspect from the air when they were suddenly struck by an unrelated light source.

Using the helicopter’s camera system, the officer was able to spot three men standing by a vehicle down below. One was pointing a handgun with a laser on it directly at the helicopter.

Officers with the Canine Unit and Emergency Response Unit quickly responded to the suspect’s location, at which point the young thug fled on foot, throwing the gun away as he ran. The canine unit tracked him down as he tried to hide in the trees, and he was arrested on the spot.

The suspect has since been identified as Nicholas CARANCI, 19, of Vaughan, Ontario. He is now facing the following charges:

• Mischief Endangering Life • Unlawfully Engage in Behavior that Endangers an Aircraft – Aeronautics Act • Project Bright Light Source into Navigable Airspace – Canadian Aviation

We’re thankful that no officers were injured in this incident!

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