Monday, October 5, 2015

Donald Trump is currently the GOP frontrunner for the presidential election, so millions of Americans are already preparing for his wife Melania to be our next first lady.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is doing everything they can to attack Melania simply because she is “sexy.” According to The Gateway Pundit, Fox’s Howard Kurtz lost it on his show this week after both theĀ Washington Post and New York TimesĀ published misogynistic articles about the gorgeous Melania.


Reports have said that the media’s attacks on Melania stem from Michelle Obama’s jealousy of the former beauty queen. As an ugly duckling, Michelle reportedly can’t stand the thought of a beautiful and classy woman taking over for her in the White House, so she sent the mainstream media on a rampage to take Melania down.

Unfortunately for Michelle, her efforts have failed miserably. Donald Trump is still as popular as ever, and his wife Melania is continuing to gather millions of supporters who look up to her as a symbol of grace and elegance.

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