Friday, October 2, 2015

Yesterday, we reported that Obama had opened his first FEMA concentration camp in the U.S. Obama reportedly plans to incarcerate conservatives there and “reeducate” them so they can reenter society as liberals.

Now, new reports have revealed that Obama has been caught buying coffin in bulk, presumably to send them to his concentration camps for conservatives who “misbehave.” According to Truth and Action, Obama’s FEMA has recently bought the following:

– $1 Billion dollars worth of disposable coffin liners
– 14 million body bags
– 140 million long-life meals or MREs

Why would Obama be spending this much money on coffins and body bags?

Learn more about Obama’s concentration camp and his plans for what will go on there in the video below. We must warn you, the content of this footage is very disturbing…


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