Thursday, October 29, 2015

A California mother has opened up about the horrifying moment she popped an enormous growth on her 7 year-old son’s knee, only to find a sea snail living inside.

Rachel Franklin, of Orange County, California, recently noticed that her young son Paul’s knee had swelled to the size of an orange, so she took action. According to Daily Mail, doctors told her it was a staph infection and told her not to pop it, but then it turned black…

When puss began oozing out, she decided to drain it despite what the doctors said. After popping it, however, she was stunned to see a strange black object inside the wound.


“I’m peering at this object and it has a strange look about it,” she said during an episode of Monster Inside Me. “I realized it wasn’t a rock. It has whirls on it. I turn it over and I think – I might have laughed out loud. I said, ‘Paul. This is a snail. It’s a freaking snail.'”

Though many would be disgusted to find that a creature was living inside them, Paul thought it was “cool.”

The snail was later revealed to be a littorina scutulata, which can survive in a variety of temperatures and environments.

“It can even live outside of water for several weeks by retreating into its shell,” biologist Dan Riskin said of the snails. “It lives in the harshest intertidal zones and can survive for weeks in a wide variety of temperatures and salt levels.”

“The subcutaneous tissue of the human body mirrors the harsh conditions where sea snails normally survive,” he continued.

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