Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fans were shocked to hear that the beloved Martin Sheen had been hospitalized this past weekend. Sheen is known for many acclaimed performances, including Apocalypse Now and Badlands. This week, his son and fellow actor Emilio Estevez, posted on the Facebook page for his movie The Way that his father had undergone an elective quadruple bypass surgery. His full post can be read below.

Fellow Friends and Pilgrims,At a Los Angeles hospital this past weekend, my father Martin Sheen underwent a very…

Posted by The Way The Movie on Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Much to everyone’s delight, Sheen is recovering beautifully out of ICU, surrounded by love from family and in the care of some amazing doctors. Estevez reports his father is predicted to be out of the hospital by Christmas time! The family asks for us to keep Sheen in our prayers and we’ll do just that!

Share this story with friends and family to ensure Martin Sheen gets all the prayers he needs! 

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