Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Recently, a group of illegal immigrants decided to hold a slumber party of sorts at an apartment in the small town of Palmview, Texas. Unfortunately for them, this turned out to be a HUGE mistake.

When United States Border Patrol agents learned that there would be a gathering of illegals at the apartment, they raided the place. According to Mad World News, they discovered 31 illegal aliens inside, and they quickly arrested them all.

And that wasn’t the Border Patrol’s only recent victory!

Agents also raided a semi-truck in Falfurrias, Texas, and found ten illegal immigrants hiding behind a secret wall inside it. The agents promptly arrested all the illegals as well as the driver of the truck, and are now working to send them back to their native countries, which include Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

We’re glad to see that Border Patrol agents are continuing to defy Obama by sending these illegal aliens back where they belong!

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