Monday, January 25, 2016

Millions of Americans were unable to leave their homes on Saturday do the the relentless blizzard that plagued much of the east coast. One woman, however, did not let the snow stop her from getting outside.

In what some people are calling the worst walk of shame ever, a young woman was caught on camera running through a snow-covered¬†Morgantown, West Virginia in nothing but a white T-shirt. According to Daily Mail, the video was posted to Twitter by¬†Chandlar Fowler, who made a scandalous guess for the reason behind the woman’s walk.


“The worst walk of shame the world and Blizzard Jonas has ever seen,” Fowler wrote.

The woman appears to be holding a jacket and a pair of heels as she desperately looks around for someone or something. The walk could not have been easy for her, as West Virginia was one of the states that was hit the worst by the storm.

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