Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lindsy Alcock panicked when her three year old son Eli went missing. She frantically made phone calls for help. Lots of people came out, but there was someone who was a true hero. It was a bloodhound named Honey.

Honey had never tracked humans. But, her owner Doug Downs was asked to bring Honey and he couldn’t let everyone down. Honey tracks and hunts deer, so Downs was unsure if this would be successful. He described the attempt as a “long shot.”

But, Honey surprised everyone when she led rescuers right to Eli, who had been missing for several hours. Downs, who is a pastor, said, “The good Lord was watching over us that night. He showed up through a four-legged dog.”

Honey Bloodhound

The Alcocks are incredibly grateful to Honey and Downs. Lindsy feared she would never see her son again. But, thanks to an amazing dog and a caring pastor, Eli is back home where he belongs.

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