Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nope… this is not footage from a crazy Home Alone sequel set at sea… it’s real life.

Here is a mother returning to the Norwegian cruise liner she and her family were travelling on in the Bahamas. As you can see, she’s late and the ship has left without her.

Oh, and her kids are still on board:

Now, here’s where the plot thickens. Her husband was on board with the kids, but left to go find his wife when it became clear she was running late. The cruise ship waited for an extra thirty minutes for the couple, but when they failed to return, the captain raised the anchor and headed home to New York.

The good news is that a relative was on board to look after the kids. The bad news is that we live in a world where folks as dumb as this pair are allowed to make children in the first place.

Do you sympathize with the woman, or was the ship right to depart? Share this with your friends to get their take on the incident.

H/T: The New York Post

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