Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Mexican-American couple might find themselves in trouble after coaxing their daughter to say several times that they need to kill Donald Trump. This poor kid! This is child abuse!

Encouraging violence is child abuse and that is exactly what these parents did. They might have thought it would be funny to record their 3 year old saying it, but they now can find themselves in a heap of trouble. Check out the video below. You can see the parents are the ones provoking this.

Then the dummies posted it online. Hopefully, they will get a knock on their door from the Secret Service or Children Services soon.

Liberals like to cry about the need for safe spaces, but apparently it’s okay to threaten a conservative with death. Do they believe he should be killed because he wants to prevent illegal immigration?

Please share this to warn others about these bad parents!

H/T: Info Wars

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