Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Law enforcement has just unveiled that Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen’s second wife Noor Salman¬†is being considered for possible criminal charges.

Karla Ray of WFTV is reporting that Noor Salman, Omar’s wife, provided a written statement confirming she knew about Mateen’s plans and did nothing to stop him.

Sources had been reporting to WFTV that there would be an arrest made soon of an alleged accomplice to the Orlando terrorist.

However, this morning Karla Ray reported that Noor Salman has been cooperating with the FBI, which may prevent her arrest.

According to Ray’s security source, both Noor and Omar made multiple trips to Orlando where they cased both the Pulse nightclub and Disney parks back in April. Disney reported the couple to the FBI.

Omar Mateen then revisited Orlando during Gay Days from June 1-6 where he visited Downtown Disney and Pulse nightclub.

He then did several searches including ‘pulse’ and ‘shooting’ and made several posts regarding the Islamic state.

This is truly terrifying.

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