Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thomas Jennings was shocked to see his car on fire. It had been set ablaze intentionally by a scorned lover. Except Jennings had never met the arsonist.

Surveillance video shows a woman lighting up the Florida man’s car. Since Jennings had never met the woman before, he wasn’t sure why she had targeted him in such a personal matter.

Local news reported on the story in the hopes that someone could identify the woman in the video below.

Viewers fingered Carmen Chamblee as the perp. When confronted by police, she said she set the car on fire because she thought it belonged to her ex-boyfriend. What a dummy! Even if it had been her ex’s car, there’s no excuse to torch it!

Hopefully Carmen faces justice and pays Jennings restitution. I would be furious if I had to pony up all that cash for a dumb criminal’s mistake!

Please share this if she is the dumbest criminal of the week!

H/T: Bro Bible

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