1 week ago

A lot of people have been surprised by Donald Trump since he beat Hillary Clinton nearly three weeks ago in the 2016 election. They expected a fascist, racist thug (since that’s how the media portrayed him) and instead they’ve gotten a measured, true patriot.

Now, you can take a look at the address he gave on Thanksgiving. It’s amazing!

The address is 1:45 long and it’s worth it to take that little bit of time to watch:

The one thing President-Elect Trump concentrates on is unity. That is key. Campaigns are ugly and messy and people can’t wait until they are over. But once they are, work needs to be done and Trump is asking everybody come together to accomplish that.

Spread this around. It’s a Thanksgiving Day message but it can apply at any time! Show them that Trump wants to LEAD and lead a UNITED country!

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