3 weeks ago

Remember how Donald Trump was going to only get 1% of the black vote and maybe 10% of the Latino vote? That’s what people were told every day. Fact is, Donald Trump did better in the voting among minorities than Mitt Romney!

That’s right. Donald Trump got 29% of the Latino vote. Romney won 27% in 2012. Trump won 8% of the African-American vote while Mitt Romney only got 6%.

Watch the report:

The best part is, Trump may actually have done BETTER than what we know because a decent number of minorities refused to tell exit poll agents who they voted for! All we know is Trump defied expectations!

That has pretty much been Trump’s deal since June of 2015 – completely defying expectations. Tell others about this! When people say “only racists” voted for Donald Trump, show them this!

h/t Breitbart

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