Wednesday, January 28, 2015

To say John Boehner has been a disappointment as Speaker of the House is an understatement. However, though the GOP leader has a history of bowing down to Democrats at every turn, he is now finally doing something to stand up to the president.

Boehner announced on Tuesday morning that he is suing Obama for his illegal executive actions on illegal immigration.

“Our team has been working on litigation. We are finalizing a plan to authorize litigation on this issue — one we believe gives us the best chance of success,” the speaker said, according to the Conservative Tribune.

A congressional aide also revealed that Boehner had authorized drafting “a resolution authorizing the House to take a variety of legal actions.”

Should the action be filed, this would be one of the most major legal cases against Obama ever. We can only hope that Boehner puts his money where his mouth is, and follows through with what he said.

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