Thursday, January 29, 2015

At a recent intelligence industry conference, Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn,told his audience of concerns regarding radical Islam, the epic failure in the fight against it – and for which the Obama White House is solely responsible.

Flynn has been calling for a decades-long fight to eliminate radical Islam once and for all. Remember the Cold War? Yea, like that. Bye, Soviet Union.

Slamming the Obama administration, he announced that not only are they paralyzed and playing weak defense on the terror front, but also they won’t even name their own enemy.

“You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists,” Flynn told the crowd of special operators and other intelligence officers, who responded a standing ovation.

The other issue, according to Flynn? The passive approach of the Obama administration.

“There are many sincere people in our government who frankly are paralyzed by this complexity,” he said to the crowd, so they “accept a defensive posture, reasoning that passivity is less likely to provoke our enemies.”

The intelligence community cheering him on and standing up in support clearly shows the wedge between the intelligence agencies and the White House.

Good for you, General Flynn. We need more people like you actually running this country, instead of the current scumbag who is only running it into the ground. Take note, Obama. You could learn something.

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