Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Going into one of arguably the most important game of his career, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is battling a bad cold.

“It’s been lingering,” Brady told reporters during a Wednesday press conference. “I’m just trying to get some rest, and a lot of garlic. An old remedy, so I’m trying everything I can.”

Brady told the press that his kids got sick first, followed by his beautiful wife Giselle Bundchen, and then he came down with the cold just before heading to Arizona.

Brady was clearly very ill as he spoke to the press. He constantly sniffled and at one point he even wiped sweat from his brow. Despite his illness, Brady claimed he was still confident that his team will win on Sunday.

“I’ll be at 100 percent. I’m not worried about it at all,” he said confidently.

Having competed in Super Bowls before, Brady knows what it takes to win the championship.

“It will be good to be back on the field today. There is a lot that goes with Super Bowl week, so it will be good to get on the field and re-focus,” said Brady, according to CBS Boston Local. “We have our game plan set, so now it’s refining it and making sure it’s where we want it to be.

“It’s about having a good plan, and you’re always confident going into the game. But you have to go out and execute it well. There won’t be anything easy about it,” he added. “There are only 65-70 plays left in the season, so every play you call is paramount. We have to be dialed in and make sure every play we call can lead to success.”

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