Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Liberals everywhere have slammed Clint Eastwood’s new film American Sniper, calling it “pro-war,” but the director himself sees it as exactly the opposite of this.

While speaking at the Producer’s Guild Award Nominees Breakfast on Saturday, Eastwood told the audience that“the biggest antiwar statement any film” can make is to show “the fact of what [war] does to the family and the people who have to go back into civilian life like Chris Kyle did.”

According to Mediaite, he added:

“One of my favorite war movies that I’ve been involved with is Letters from Iwo Jima. That was are about family, about being taken away from life, being sent someplace…In World War II, everybody just sort of went home and got over it. Now there is some effort to help people through it. In Chris Kyle’s case no good deed went unpunished.”

Bravo to Eastwood for giving those Hollywood liberals a nice dose of reality.

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