Friday, January 30, 2015

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is currently doing what he does best: whining. The liberal nutjob claims that this week marks the 10th anniversary of when Clint Eastwood threatened to kill him at the National Board of Review Awards in 2005.

Speaking from the stage, Eastwood told the audience, ” Michael Moore and I actually have a lot in common. We both appreciate living in a country where there’s free expression. But, Michael, if you ever show up at my front door with a camera, I’ll kill you.”

Some on the left have been calling for consequences for Eastwood’s bold statement. Others have even called for charges to be brought against him.

Writing on his Facebook page, Moore recounted how he laughed nervously along with the rest of the audience. According to Daily Mail, he added:

“Having just experienced a half-dozen assaults in the previous year from crazies upset at ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ and my anti-war Oscar speech, plus the attempt by a right wing extremist to blow up my house (he was caught in time and went to prison), I was a bit stunned to hear Eastwood, out of the blue, make such a violent statement. But I instantly decided he was just trying to be funny, so I laughed the same nervous laugh everyone else did. Clint, though, didn’t seem to like all that laughter.”

“‘I mean it,’ he barked, and the audience grew more quiet. ‘I’ll shoot you.'”

“I tried to keep that fake smile on my face so as to appear as if he hadn’t “gotten” to me. But he had. I then mumbled to those sitting at my table. ‘I think Dirty Harry just said, ‘Make my day, punk.'”

Moore and Eastwood’s feud has been reignited by the release of American Sniper. Moore, of course, hates the film, calling it a “mess of a film that rewrites history” and “perpetrates a ‘racist sentiment to Arabs.”

Moore has been trying his best to ensure the movie flops, but it hasn’t been going so well for him. Unfortunately for Moore, the movie has been a huge success, breaking box office records all over the world.

Better luck next time, Mike.

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