Friday, January 30, 2015

We were overjoyed when we found out Eric Holder would be leaving the office of Attorney General this year. Finally, our country would be rid of his authoritarian yet incompetent ways. However, new evidence suggests that his replacement, Loretta Lynch, may actually be worse than him.

During her time as a prosecutor, Lynch has been very aggressive in civil asset forfeiture, which is basically a form of policing for profit. According to Infowars, forfeiture has been called into question by liberals and conservatives alike who see it as an abuse of due process that can punish the innocent.

During her ongoing confirmation hearing, we have learned that Lynch loves NSA spying and the death penalty, and is very anti-marijuana. Her sketchy behavior over the last few months suggests that she has the same financial oligarch coddling tendencies that made Holder the complete failure that he is.

The International Business Times reports:

WASHINGTON — In advance of her nomination hearing, Loretta Lynch did what every cabinet nominee is required to do: fill out a questionnaire listing all her media interviews so lawmakers can evaluate her candor. But the questionnaire U.S. attorney general nominee Lynch submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee has a notable omission. Lynch failed to include an interview in which she defended the controversial settlement she orchestrated with the bank HSBC.

The bank was accused of knowingly allowing Mexican drug cartels to launder money and of allowing violations of economic sanctions against countries including Iran, Libya, Sudan and Cuba. Lynch, then the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, allowed the bank to avoid prosecution in 2012 by paying a $1.9 billion fine and submitting to a monitor for five years to oversee compliance. Critics slammed the deal as an example of the Obama administration’s pattern of going easy on the financial industry. In the Dec. 11, 2012, interview she did with CBS News, Lynch endorsed the settlement and dismissed criticism of the deal as “shortsighted.”

Lynch’s boss at the time of the HSBC deal, Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, who was then head of the Department of Justice’s criminal prosecution division, resigned after a scathing Frontline piece that highlighted Justice’s failure to try any of the bankstied to the recession and the risky trades that led to it. It was during a discussion of HSBC before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Attorney General Holder famously said some banks — although not HSBC specifically — were too big to prosecute

Yikes, we could be in big trouble…Again…

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