Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The heads of Fox have announced some major changes that are sure to change the network forever.

While the changes are coming to the Fox network, rather than Fox News specifically, both channels are owned by the same company. This means that the changes of one are sure to impact the other, so Fox News will most likely be evolving as well.

Over the past year, research suggested that Fox was scoring “incredibly high” among African Americans, but was “soft” with other demographics. To combat this, the network is looking to move into bigger, bolder, and more populist programming.

“We don’t aspire to be a cable network,” Gary Newman, a top Fox executive, commented. “We’re not looking to do smaller, dark programming. We’re looking to have big, broad commercial hits.”

Looking for commercial hits explains why Fox is producing shows such as Gotham, an action series that shows the backstory of Batman.

If Fox is selling out in order to gain a broader fanbase, Fox News could easily end up doing the same thing. Since the mainstream media is supremely liberal, conforming to the populist masses would mean becoming less conservative.

We can only hope that Fox News will stay strong, and continue to provide a conservative spin that we can trust.

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H/T: The Hollywood Reporter

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