Friday, January 30, 2015

Eric Holder is in hot water this week after a federal judge accused him of being privy to a serious crime that could result in serious jail time.

Judge Francis Allegra accused seven Department of Justice attorneys of “fraud upon the court” in a December 1 ruling over the case of former ATF agent Jay Dobyns, who is suing the agency for damaging his reputation and for personal retaliation.

The judge ruled that the seven attorneys will not be allowed to participate in the case, and he specifically notified Holder, an unusual move for this type of case that suggests that Allegra senses deeper involvement.

The case centers around the ATF intimidating a witness in the case, and the DOJ then keeping this intimidation quiet.

“(ATF lawyers) ordered the agent in question not to communicate the threat to the court and stated that there would be repercussions if the agent did not follow counsel’s instructions,” wrote Judge Allegra, who was appointed by Bill Clinton.

“It’s very, very serious,” said Thomas Dupree, a former Department of Justice official. “Judges don’t make allegations like this cavalierly. It’s only after they have looked at the evidence and they have deep concerns that something that is not quite right.”

“This is not by any means a run-of-the-mill, routine order,” Dupree concluded, according to Conservative Tribune.

This is just the latest accusation against Holder that exposes him as the shady character that he is. It makes you wonder how he was able to hang onto power for this long.


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