Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jesse Ventura got some humiliating news this week, when a judge ruled that the estate of Chris Kyle would not have to pay up all of the reimbursements that Ventura requested.

While U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle did order the Kyle estate to pay Ventura $40,989 in legal fees, the judge rejected an additional $5,213 in expenses, and some of these are downright embarrassing.

Ventura was suing the estate of Kyle over the latter’s book American Sniper, in which the veteran claimed he once punched Ventura in the face in a bar fight. The former governor took him to court, claiming it never happened, and was eventually awarded $1.8 million as well as a reimbursement of legal fees.

However, the judge rejected some of the costs Ventura requested reimbursement for. According to Star Tribune, one of these was $120 of baggage fees incurred by Tyrel Ventura, a witness in the case and Jesse’s son. Tyrel carried two suitcases each way on Delta Airlines, causing expenses that the judge ruled the Kyles should not need to pay for.

Ventura also requested reimbursement for the $80 of witness fees Tyrel caused by staying in town two extra days. It seems the young man decided to stay the weekend after his testimony, but the judge made sure that this wasn’t on Chris Kyle’s dime.

Jesse Ventura may have one this battle, but his behavior afterwards shows just how classless he is. Luckily, the judge wasn’t having any of it, giving Kyle’s widow at least a small victory.


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