Monday, January 26, 2015

At 42 years-old, Walt Heyer appeared to have it all. A happily married man and father of two children, Heyer appeared to have the perfect life, but things are not always what they seem.

When he was 42, Heyer suddenly decided he was a woman and underwent gender reassignment surgery. He later admitted that this was a “tremendous, destructive” process in his life and had reassignment surgery again eight years later so he could live life as a man once again. Now 74 years-old, he is speaking out in the hopes that others won’t make his same mistake.


“Immediately after the procedure, you’re in a state of euphoria because you battle it for so long,” he said, according to Daily Mail. “You think this is wonderful and fabulous and you think your life’s going to be good and then as time goes on, there’s this funny little thing that happens in life. It’s called reality.”

During the operation, Heyer had his genitals removed and received breast implants, as well as multiple estrogen treatments.

“I ended up for a long time unemployed and trying to figure out what to do,” Heyer recounted. “I went to over 200 interviews before I got a job, because people don’t really want a transgender person – they don’t want to hire them, so it took a long time.”


Heyer was able to change his gender after being diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a disease which he said should not be treated by changing genders.

“Gender dysphoria is a psychological condition where you are dissatisfied with your gender,” he claimed. “Nobody’s ever born a transgender. They’re manufactured as a result of something, a developmental childhood issue that has yet to be determined for many people.”

“In retrospect, I can see that changing genders, quite frankly is just pure foolishness,” he added.

Heyer ended up divorcing his wife three months before receiving the operation that allowed him to live life as Laura Jensen. While his relationship with his ex-wife remained civil, his children did not take his transition well.

“My daughter was very, very upset. And my son said it would be easier if you were to die, because then at least I could talk to people about what you were going through,” he lamented. “When a father does that, you’re betraying your children and what came to my mind later on was I saw myself as much more important than my kids.”

“That is probably the most self-centred, narcissistic thing a person can do – it’s just nonsense to place yourself over a couple of kids, who needed someone to be there for them,” he added.


Heyer realized his mistake when he began studying psychology and made some surprising conclusions.

“Once I studied psychology, I realised that it is impossible to biologically transform someone from one gender to the other, and that’s the moment you realise that it’s psychological condition, and not medical,” he said. “All they do is pump people full of hormones, put in breast implants and declare that they’ve manufactured a female. It’s biologically impossible to make a man into a woman.”

After realizing this, Heyer had another relationship to live life as a man once again. Now, he has improved his relationship with his kids and runs a website called “Sex Change Regret.”

“I met with each one of them, and told them how sorry I was that I didn’t make them the focus of my life – and I focused on some gender difficulties that I was having,” Heyer said. “This all happened after I realized what a horrible mistake I’d made and so the relationship took its time to heal, but now it’s fine.”


Heyer hopes that by opening up about his story, others will think twice before switching genders. His main point is that the very concept of switching genders is impossible.

“Biologically, no one can transport to the other gender, it’s not even possible,” he concluded. “Because they use a guy’s penis and just invert it, the guy hasn’t lost it, it’s just going the wrong way.”

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