Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An emergency operator at the Wilshire Police headquarters taught a 13-year-old girl an important life lesson that her parents apparently did not. After calling the police several times from different pay phones to report a non-existent fight, the young girl was identified via CCTV footage which authorities posted to Facebook. Their response was pretty cool.


MailOnline reported:

The time-wasting teen was invited to attend Calne police station, Wiltshire where she admitted making hoax calls on November 16 and November 24 after seeing the images of herself online.

During her visit with her mother, she met PCSO Mark Cook who attended the scene when she reported the ‘fight’.

She was let off without further punishment because of her age, but was told she had to write a letter of apology to everyone she had caused disruption to which had to cover at least a full side of A4.

Once the letter was approved she was told to attend the Crime and Communications Centre at Wiltshire Police HQ in Devizes to read her apology to a 999 call handler supervisor.

During the meeting the supervisor explained the impact and dangers of hoax calls, and discussed with her the severity of her actions.




That will likely be the last time this spoiled brat pulls another senseless prank like this! Share this story if you agree!

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