Monday, January 26, 2015

During a recent appearance on HannityDuck Dynasty star Phil Robertson didn’t hold back when it came to slamming Islam.

Robertson told host Sean Hannity that the problem with liberals and Muslims is their lack of belief in Jesus.

“No Jesus with Hitler, with the Nazis. No Jesus. They wanted to dominate the world and they were famous for murder,” said Robertson, according to the Conservative Tribune. “The Shintoists came along. No Jesus there…then comes Communism. No Jesus with them either and they wanted to conquer the world and they slaughtered millions. So you have murder, murder, murder.”

“It’s just an ideology under the guise of a religion,” added Robertson when he was asked about Islam. “They want to conquer the world. There’s no Jesus with them either, and they’re famous for murder.”

“They have killed about 55 million of their own children over the past 30 years,” continued Robertson. “These materialists, these hedonists, these atheists, agnostics, it just goes on. Idealism, determinism. There’s always an- ism or a theory that people expound on, Sean, when there is no Jesus.”

“I’m sticking with Jesus myself, man,” the Robertson patriarch concluded.

Liberals are livid that Robertson would dare to insult the “religion of peace,” but we think he may be on to something.

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