Monday, January 12, 2015

The police commissioner who was heading the Charlie Hebdo investigation allegedly killed himself on Thursday while writing a report about the case.

Helric Fredou, 45, was found sitting at his desk in his office after allegedly shooting himself with his own weapon. Since then, the mainstream media has been largely ignoring his death.

“According to the police union, [the] commissioner was depressed and experiencing burnout,” India’s Medhaj News reported, while a French report stated the coroner ruled Fredou’s death a suicide the very next day.

The sketchy details of Fredou’s death have caused many to question the government’s involvement in the Charlie Hebdo case. Was he murdered, or was this really a suicide? Did Fredou stumble upon something that he was writing in the report he never got to finish? Did the police chief know too much? Why has the government done everything they could to sweep this under the rug?

Unfortunately, these questions may never be answered.

H/T: Infowars

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