Friday, January 23, 2015

Students at a Texas high school were accused of racism after chanting “USA” as a girls’ basketball game.

After defeating a team known as the “Slaton Tigers,” the home team of Idalou began chanting “USA,” a move that was deemed racist because of Slaton’s large hispanic population.

“The chant USA should be for all of us, it should be inclusive,” Slaton Superintendent Julee Becker said. “We are making other people aware of what that behavior by just a few, what impact it had on us, us as a tiger nation and family.”

Idalou Superintendent Jim Waller immediately apologized verbally and in writing as he ordered his students to discontinue all chanting due to the “perception it creates.”

“I apologize to Slaton ISD and the chanting will not be allowed to continue at games because of the perception that it creates,” Waller said, according to Infowars. “We understand competitiveness and school excitement and support, but we need to be supportive in our words to our team and not use words that may be interpreted as insensitive to an opposing team.”

Students denied that they’d done anything racist, but Waller wouldn’t budge and told them to stop chanting “USA” at games. Becker, however, doesn’t believe this apology is enough.

“They deserve to know that we won’t let it go,” Becker said. “We don’t tolerate racism in our schools.”

“The symptoms of racism, they run deep,” she added, saying this incident is evidence of a deep-rooted American racism.

It’s sickening that we can’t even chant “USA” on our own soil these days without being accused of racism.

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