Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks have caused the world to take a closer look at the Muslim faith, and to think about how to protect itself from Muslims.

While the U.S. government is doing everything possible to ensure that we ignore the Muslim angle of the attacks, other countries are making changes that could protect them from radical Islamist attacks in the future.

Recently, China made four massive moves against Muslims that they hope will save them from the violent terrorist attacks that have brought other nations to their knees.

Firstly, China has banned women from wearing burqa’s in public spaces. Chinese muslims were of course outraged by this, and accused the government of religious oppression, but lawmakers weren’t backing down. They pointed out that burqas “are not a national dress of Muslims,” and cited other countries like Belgium and France banning the garb for safety concerns.

The Chinese government has also banned fasting for Ramadan and prohibited men with long beards from riding public busses. Politicians argued the latter point by saying that men and women who hide behind burqas and beards can easily hide weapons as well as their identities.

Finally, China has banned numerous websites that feature radical Muslim propaganda.

While some of these changes seem to be a bit much, America should follow China’s lead in taking a closer look at radical Muslims. If there are any changes we can make to protect ourselves from Muslim extremist’s terrorist attacks, we need to make them.

H/T: Conservative Tribune 

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