Thursday, January 8, 2015

Race-baiters like Al Sharpton have made fortunes this year from riling America up and convincing people that there is an epidemic of cops killing blacks. However, in actuality, this could not be further from the truth.

A study completed last year revealed that police officers are actually LESS likely to kill blacks than whites.

“This behavioral ‘counter-bias’ might be rooted in people’s concerns about the social and legal consequences of shooting a member of a historically oppressed racial or ethnic group,” said the paper, which was published in the Journal of Experimental criminology last May.

The study consisted of researchers interviewing hundreds of police officers, many of whom said black suspects are the last people they want to shoot.

“Across these 300 interviews, I have multiple officers telling me that they didn’t shoot only because the suspect was black or the suspect was a woman, or something that would not be consistent with this narrative of cops out there running and gunning,” said David Klinger, a former cop who helped with the research.

Klinger added:

“When it comes to the issue of race, I’ve never had a single officer tell me, ‘I didn’t shoot a guy because he was white.’ I’ve had multiple officers tell me, ‘I didn’t shoot a guy because he was black.’ And this is 10, even 20 years ago. Officers are alert to the fact that if they shoot a black individual, the odds of social outcry are far greater than if they shoot a white individual.”

“The second things is, I’ve had multiple officers tell me they were worried in the wake of a shooting because they shot a black person, and I’ve had multiple officers tell me that they were glad that the person they shot was white, because then they knew they weren’t going to have to be subject to the racial harangue.”

“Police officers — at least the ones I interviewed — are very sensitive to the race issue, but not in the way this popular narrative is running, i.e., cops are out there trying to find young black men who don’t have guns so they can shoot them down like dogs in the street. That just isn’t anything I’ve found in any of the research that I’ve done.”

With any luck, this study could put a stop to the violent race riots that have left American police fearing for their lives, but we won’t get our hopes up. Knowing the mainstream media, they will probably make sure this research never sees the light of day…

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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