Friday, January 23, 2015

Michelle Obama is on a mission to make sure she can dictate exactly what our children put in their bodies. This week, Wendy’s made a move to help the first lady accomplish this by removing soda from their kids menu.

This means that children at the restaurant will not be allowed to drink soda. Instead, they will have to choose from options like milk, juice, or water.

The popular fast food chain has pointed out that parents will still be able to get soda for their children by special request, but parents who do this will surely risk the judgement from staff.

Some have applauded the decision as a way to force kids to be healthier and combat child obesity.

“Restaurants should not be setting parents up for a fight by bundling soda with meal options designed for kids,” said Fr. Michael Crosby, a member of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility.

“Wendy’s is taking a responsible step forward that will improve children’s health and make it easier for parents to make healthy choices for their children,” he added, according to the Conservative Tribune. “We hope Burger King, Applebee’s, IHOP, and other chains follow suit.”

While this may seem nice to some of the naive liberals out there, it’s actually ridiculous and troubling that major corporations are now making parenting choices for parents. A child’s diet should be up to their mom and dad, not a fast food chain or Michelle Obama.

Do you really want some corporation like Wendy’s dictating what your child can or cannot put in their bodies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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