Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Being a white farmer in Zimbabwe is no easy task. Starting in 2000, most of these farmers were stripped of their land in evictions that were often extremely violent.

Now, the white farmers that remain are nervous that they too will lose their land in a series of incoming evictions linked to the country’s political turmoil.

Mandi Chimene, a newly appointed provincial governor for Manicaland province, boasted at a rally last weekend that she had already evicted 12 white farmers, saying they were being protected by the former Vice President’s faction. Joice Majuru, the former Vice President, was ousted in December after an argument with the president and his wife.

Another new provincial governor, Joe Biggie Matiza of Mashonaland East province, has promised that he will begin evicting white farmers later this month.

According to spokesman Hendricks Oliver, The Commercial Farmers Union, which represents mostly white farmers in Zimbabwe, is seeking a meeting with the lands minister.

“The eviction of both black and white farmers is not good for the sector,” Olivier said, according to Yahoo News. “We need a clear policy.”

The government has made provisions allowing black farmers to keep their farms, but whites have no such benefits. Of the original 4,500 white farmers in Zimbabwe, only 300 remain. It looks like in 2015, this number will go down drastically.

Of course, the American media has ignored this devastating case, since blacks are not the victims, but the perpetrators. Welcome to Obama’s America…

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