Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Last year, Michelle Obama scored a personal victory by forcing schools across America to bow down to a list of ridiculous rules to make their lunches more “nutritional.”

Now, the first lady has found herself in some hot water as 55,000 lunch ladies revolted against her plans.

The School Nutritional Association, which represented 55,000 cafeteria workers across the country, released their 2015 paper this week, and they were very critical of Michelle’s rules:

USDA data shows that since the new rules were implemented, 1.4 million fewer children choose school lunch each day.”

“Declining student participation reduces meal program revenue for schools already stressed by higher food and labor costs under the new regulations.”

“USDA estimates the new rules add $1.2 billion to the cost of preparing school meals in Fiscal Year 2015 alone. As a result, only half of school meal program operators anticipate their programs will break even at the end of this school year, according to a recent SNA survey.”

According to the Conservative Tribune, SNA CEO Patricia Montague added that while the organization promotes healthy eating, “some of the USDA’s regulations under the law have unnecessarily increased costs and waste for school meal programs and caused many students to swap healthy school meals for junk food fare.”

Take that, Michelle. You’re “greatest achievement” in the White House has just been ripped to shreds. With reviews like that, it can’t be long before Michelle’s little rules are thrown out the window.


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