Monday, February 9, 2015

The mother of an American hostage beheaded by ISIS is speaking out this week to slam Obama for the way he has handled the captive’s situation.

Diane Foley, mother of beheaded hostage James Foley, cites the unconfirmed reports of hostage Kayla Jean Mueller’s death as proof that the Obama administration is doing “too little, too late” to save the captives.

“Kayla, along with our son and others, were held for nearly two years, and there were many opportunities along the way,” Diane said, according to Mad World. “Several times when the captors reached out, several times when returning hostages brought sensitive information. And yet nothing was done to save our young Americans. So that’s the part that deeply concerns me.”

ABC News reported:

For much of 2013 and 2014, Diane Foley and hostage negotiators working for [Mueller’s] family knew the likely locations of the western captives held by ISIS in Syria, even as they were moved from time to time. But the U.S. didn’t launch a mission until July 3, when a squadron of operators from the elite Delta Force hit an oil refinery site near Raqqa, discovering it was a “dry hole.”

Kayla Mueller had been among those held there, counter-terrorism sources have told ABC News.

“I certainly applaud the young, courageous soldiers who went on that mission,” Foley commented. “It was much too late, and the intelligence obviously was poor. It wasn’t good enough for those courageous soldiers, so they went in for nothing.”

“Washington took too long,” the unnamed official admitted. “We missed the hostages by two days. We could have had all the hostages — all of them.”

Some sources say that Obama decided to wait until July 3 so that he could then make an Independence Day announcement that the hostages had been rescued. If these infuriating reports are true, it would mean that Obama’s narcism directly led to the deaths of at least three Americans. Truly despicable…

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