Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Country music star Carrie Underwood just showed how big a heart she has by helping out a police officer and his K-9 dog.

Kevin Bransum is a narcotics officer in Underwood’s home state of Oklahoma whose partner is a dog named Gino. Recently, Gino have been having a series of medical problems that started with him contracting heart worms from an insect bite.

Gino’s medical bills quickly skyrocketed to over $4,000, and since the K-9 unit is privately owned by Bransum, he has been paying the bills out of pocket.

“We’ve been going to vets for months, and we’ll be done with treatment in May,” Branscum said, according to Conservative Tribune. “Treatment includes pills and injections. We started a pill which he has to take for 30 days, and he has 120 pills to take. March 9th he starts injections.”


As soon as Underwood heard about this, she knew she had to help. She immediately donated two signed guitars to be auctioned off to pay Gino’s medical expenses. Thanks to her, Gino will receive the medical care he needs, and continue to fight crime with his partner.

“I just want to thank her,” a visibly touched Branscum said. “Everything caught me totally off guard. I’m grateful.”

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