Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Alan Robertson is known as the oldest in the Duck Dynasty clan, and today he lives a devout life as a minister with his wife Lisa and their children.

However, the couple made a series of shocking admissions last month in their memoir A New Season, which includes details on the two affairs Lisa had that nearly put an end to their marriage.

As for Alan, he opened up about his wild youth which included lots of sex and drugs. When he was just a teen, an ex-girlfriend’s father had to visit his parents to discuss the clogged pipes in their home.

“His plumber had blamed the clogged pipes on all the condoms that had been flushed down the toilet while my girlfriend and I were dating,” Alan wrote, according to Fox.

Alan also revealed that he used speed, and once had an affair with a married nurse who claimed to be separated from her husband. Unfortunately for him, her husband found out about the affair, and he was not too pleased about it. He chased Alan down with a crowbar, and the young man narrowly escaped by hiding in the candy aisle of a convenience store.

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