Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A grieving family who just lost their patriarch may have to exhume him after a muslim who owns the plot next to the site complained that he was a non-believer.

More than 400 people showed up at the funeral of 89 year-old Shadrack Smith, who was buried on January 30. Soon afterwards, his grieving family was told they may need to move his body despite the fact that they paid £2,500 for three spots in a “multi-faith” cemetery.

A local council will be meeting tomorrow to determine whether they will move Smith’s body, as the Muslim family demands.

“This whole thing has devastated our family,” said Smith’s daughter-in-law, Tracey Smith, according to Infowars.

“We were told when we bought the plots that it was a multi-faith cemetery and it is, but the council has been so unsupportive,” she added, noting how, “the council has tried to bend over backwards to please the Muslim family.”

The family has promised to fight as hard as they can to ensure that their grandfather will rest in peace in the spot he chose.

This incident is part of a growing problem in the U.K. of Muslims taking over the country. If we aren’t careful, the same thing could happen in the U.S.


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