Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Back in 2011, Obama travelled the country in a lavishly decked out bus that was funded by your tax dollars in a move that was clearly made as a campaign trip.

“Now, you may have heard we’re taking a little road trip this week. It’s a chance to get out of Washington,” the president told his “fans” during a North Carolina campaign stop. “I must admit I’m traveling not in the usual RV. The bus we got parked outside is — Secret Service did a full going over, so it’s decked out pretty good. But it’s a wonderful opportunity to get out of Washington and hit the road.”

Barack Obama

Shockingly, the White House had the nerve to claim this was not a campaign trip at all, and was instead a chance for Obama to promote his new job proposals. Right…

According to CNS News, Obama was criticized for a similar campaign trip in 2008 by his opponent, John McCain, who said the Democrat was “clearly campaigning” on the “taxpayer’s dime.”

“I’ve never seen an uglier bus than the Canadian one he’s traveling around on, a Canadian bus touting American jobs,” McCain added.

Sadly, Obama’s little bus tour was successful, and we have been stuck with him ever since.

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