Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fans of Megyn Kelly know that she has repeatedly referenced a past relationship in which a man cheated on her. While she has said this man was not current husband Doug Brunt, she has never denied that it was her ex-husband Dr. Dan Kendall, leading many to assume it was him.

Now, Kendall is speaking out to clear his name, and is revealing details about Kelly’s mysterious first marriage.

“I can say with 100% certainty that I was completely faithful to Megyn,” said Kendall, 45, according to Daily Mail. “When she made that comment about it not being in her current marriage it irritated me a bit because it seemed like she was suggesting it was me.”

“I texted her at the time and she apologized. I think I was a good husband,” he added.


Kendall is now a top anesthesiologist and pain management physician who lives in a $2 million home in Virginia with his second wife and children. He says he believes he knows who did cheat on Kelly, but he won’t name names out of respect for her.

Kelly and Kendall married in 2001 after four years of dating. They divorced amicably in 2006, and she moved to a house just 200 yards away from his so that they could remain close to each other.

In the end, Kendall believes it was both of their devotions to their careers that broke them up.

“I wanted a wife and she wanted a wife — we both needed someone to cook and clean and support us. She has very much a Type A personality. I couldn’t imagine her staying at home,” Kendall said. “She needed more of a Type B husband. Sometimes with two professionals it doesn’t work out, we were both working extremely hard and both excelling at what we did.”

While Kendall and Kelly no longer speak, they are still friends. He even appeared on her show in 2011 when she needed an expert to discuss the case of Conrad Murray, the doctor who was arrested for the death of Michael Jackson.


“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Megyn and I still like her as a person,” Kendall concluded. “I just want what is best for her and her family.”

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