Sunday, February 1, 2015

At a recent event for veterans, First Lady Michelle Obama defended the film ‘American Sniper.’

“We hope our country will welcome back our veterans — not by setting them apart but by fully integrating them into the fabric of our communities,” Mrs. Obama said, according to Fox News. “While I know there have been critics [of ‘American Sniper’], I felt that, more often than not, this film touches on many of the emotions and experiences that I’ve heard firsthand from military families over these past few years.”

Earlier today, Tell Me Now reported that Mrs. Obama attacked Chris Kyle for his gender. She said, ” Of course, it’s always a ‘he.’ We sort of forget about the 1.5 million women veterans who have served in uniform.”

Now, it appears she is singing a different tune

The First Lady made the new comments at “6 Certified,” an organization with representatives from Warner Bros., National Geographic Channels and the Producers Guild of America  to support the portrayal of veterans in the entertainment industry.

Fox News reported:

The initiative will allow TV shows and films to display an onscreen badge that tells viewers the show they’re watching has been certified by the group Got Your 6, which derives its name from military slang for “I’ve got your back.” To be approved, the film or show must cast a veteran, tell a veteran story, have a story written by a veteran or use veterans as resources.

Chris Marvin, managing director of Got Your 6 and a former U.S. Army officer and Blackhawk helicopter pilot, said their campaign isn’t hoping to show veterans in a good light but in an honest one.

Charlie Ebersol, a producer and creator of the “6 Certified” program, told Fox, “This is more of a challenge than anything else. We’re challenging the entertainment industry — myself included — to live up to the responsibilities inherent in the powers we have and with the reach that we have.”

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