Thursday, February 26, 2015

Newly surfaced reports reveal that Michelle Obama’s press office is not the classy establishment you might think it is.

When a few Washington journalists went to the first lady’s office to get some information for a story, they were shocked by how her staff behaved.

Host of SiriusXM’s Press Pool, Julie Mason told reporters what happened:

“When I did a story about the East Wing for Politico, before the piece even came out the first lady’s staff called me a bunch of derogatory names — irresponsible, unprofessional, shoddy, a rumor-monger and a liar. They also demanded I identify my confidential sources as a condition for their commenting on the record (I refused, of course. Has that ever worked?) The story, which they had no quarrel with in the end, detailed the high-pressure atmosphere in the East Wing and the high rate of turnover on the first lady’s staff. Which their tactics pretty much illustrated. No hard feelings, though — I don’t know how anyone survives that tension.”

According to The Daily Caller, Michelle’s office eventually refused to comment for Mason’s story at all. That pretty much sums up just how “classy” our first lady is!

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