Monday, February 2, 2015

Obama’s favorite part of being president is clearly rubbing elbows with celebrities and entertainers. During his time in office, he has paid for everyone from Queen Latifah to Paul McCartney to come to the White House to perform or just hang out.

Now, estimates are coming out from the early years of the Obama administration of the president’s spending, and it’s very disturbing. Experts estimate that the Obamas spent $10 million on “drunken White House parties” in 2009 alone. Nevermind that the country was experiencing the peak of the recession, Obama still spent our tax dollars on parties with his celebrity friends.

According to Canada Free Press, in the first two years he was president, Obama hosted 27 concerts which each cost an estimated $75,000. That’s over $2 million in just two years, imagine how much he’s spent in the four years since then.

Obamas actions show that he has no regard for hardworking Americans. He just sees our tax dollars as a continuous cash flow that he can use to fund his extravagant lifestyle. It’s disgusting…

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