Friday, February 13, 2015

Obama’s extravagant spending has come back to haunt him, as the Pentagon is being sued for expense records of a recent trip the president took to Copenhagen.

The suit was filed by Judicial Watch on behalf of Pajamas Media (PJM), a conservative outlet that originally requested the records from the Air Force under the Freedom of Information Act. It took six months for the Air Force to respond, and they said the information had been released to the office of the secretary.

The office of the secretary then released four pages of mostly redacted material, saying the Secret Service censored it.

“What happened to the transparency that candidate Obama promised,” Pajamas Media CEO Roger L. Simon said in a statement. “It has taken almost a year for this administration to turn over a flight manifest, and then that document was heavily redacted. The Obama administration has proven itself to be one of the most secretive administrations in history.”

According to Fox, Obama travelled to Copenhagen for the annual Climate Change Conference along with a delegation of 165 people, 106 of whom were lawmakers. The congressional delegation alone cost taxpayers over $1 million, $4,406 of which went to providing room and board for two nights for the politicians.

What is not known is how much the taxpayers paid for Obama and his 60 person entourage. Making matters worse, the trip turned out to be a giant waste of time in the end.

“The conference not only failed to enact worldwide ‘climate’ action, but the airlift of President Obama and other government officials must have resulted in huge, wasteful costs for the American people,” said JW President Tom Fitton. “No wonder PJM can’t get anything out of the administration about that disastrous conference.”

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