Friday, February 13, 2015

While the Obamas have basically cowered in fear to ISIS, refusing to even call them Islamic terrorists until last week, Queen Rania of Jordan has been unafraid to personally confront ISIS and let them know their behavior will not be tolerated.

In a public address to the people of Jordan, the Queen said that education policies in the Arab world would need to change in order to eliminate “the ideology of hate and terrorism” made popular by ISIS.

“We need to change education policies in the Arab world to ones that ensure quality learning for our children and that instill in them the true values of religion, patriotism, coexistence, and hard work,” the queen said, according to the Christian Examiner.

She also discussed at length the great sadness Jordan feels at the murder of the pilot burned alive by ISIS, and added that her people must come together to take on those “who have hijacked Islam.”

“My country, Jordan, is facing crisis and tragedy with patience, faith, and determination to fight terrorism and hold accountable those who are committing the most heinous and brutal atrocities of our time,” she said in the video.

“We are in a confrontation with those who have hijacked our religion,” she added, “those who malign Islam with their violence, bloodshed, and slaughter. They claim to be successors of the Islamic Caliphate, but they have no conscience, and no heart. On their right hand, the blood of innocent victims, and with their left they campaign people to join their barbaric law of the jungle.”

ISIS was no doubt incensed by Queen Rania’s comments, but we doubt she cared at all. Unlike President Obama and his wife, Queen Rania is a courageous ruler who is willing to take a stand for her people and to personally confront their enemies. For that, we can only applaud her.

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