Thursday, February 26, 2015

Timothy Zickuhr, who appeared on a season of hit reality TV show Ice Road Truckers, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for kidnapping and beating a Las Vegas prostitute.

The incident occurred in 2013, when Zickuhr gave prostitute Lisa Cadeau, who goes by Snow White, his ATM card so that she could extract $1,000 to pay herself for sexual services. He claimed she took too much money out of his account, so Cadeau agreed to meet with him one more time to settle the dispute. That’s when things got ugly.


According to court papers obtained by the Daily Mail, Zickuhr took Cadeau hostage, tying her up with backstraps, pouring ice cold water on her, and beating her. He eventually asked her to give him the phone number of someone who could give him the money. Thinking quickly, she instead gave him the number of Las Vegas police officer Adam Seely, who is someone she provided information to int he past.

Not knowing he was talking to a cop, Zickuhr told him that if he did not receive the money, he would kill Snow White and flee to Mexico. He arranged a meeting place with Seely to get the money, and instead he was arrested as soon as he got there.

Once in custody, Zickuhr confessed to his crime, saying he planned to prostitute Snow White on Craigslist for his own financial gain. He then plead guilty to two felony charges of first degree kidnapping and extortionate collecting of debt.

Timothy Zickuhr

Since being arrested, he has also been linked to the robbery of an 80 year-old woman, who he allegedly seriously injured when he knocked her to the ground.

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