Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Seven years ago, the world was stunned when football Michael Vick’s deadly dogfighting ring was exposed to the country.

After it was disbanded, many argued that there was no hopes for the dogs who had been taught to live their lives with violence. Luckily, organizations like Best Friends Animal Sanctuary stepped in and saved the dogs, and now many of them have gone on to live normal, happy lives.


Halle was once a wild dog in Vick’s dogfighting ring. Now, she is a family dog who lives in a home with two dog brothers. Surprisingly, Halle loves to play with her brothers, and they even wrestle lightheartedly from time to time. Even when one of her brothers jumps on her or bites her playfully, Halle never gets angry.


When Handsome Dan left Michael Vick’s house of horrors, he was extremely skittish and fearful. Today, he has learned to be more trusting and lives in a happy home with a young couple. In 2010, the family welcomed a baby (human) sister, whom Handsome Dan has become a loving protector for.

Handsome Dan has become arguably the most popular of the survivors of the dog ring. He even has his own Facebook page that boasts over 450,000 likes!


At Vick’s home, Little Red was used as a bait dog, meaning she was used to test a dog’s fighting skills. Most bait dogs are mauled or killed in the process, but Little Red survived. She was adopted by a woman named Susan, who never believed Little Red needed to be rehabilitated. Rather, she wanted to give the dog time to recover. Today, Little Red lives a carefree live of eating treats and running around 6 acres of open fields.

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