Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rainn Wilson, a star from the hit series ‘The Office,’ has a message that liberals do NOT like.

Wilson has recently been receiving backlash for his “politically incorrect” new show called “Backstorm,” according to the Conservative Tribune. On “The Jason Rantz Show” radio program Wilson recently said that he can’t stand the political correctness of the left.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

Wilson conceded he gets annoyed with the sensitivity to political incorrectness in American culture. The new politically correct environment threatens artists’ ability to explore real issues that reflect a large segment of the American population

With his character being racist, sexist and a bigot, Wilson told Rantz that it was “pretty risky” of Fox to air the show. Backstrom’s offensive statements on the show are condemned by the other characters and his personal failures, but some viewers find the comments offensive regardless.

Wilson stated the show exposes bigotry and offers redemption and opportunities to grow from it. By exposing it, viewers are engaged in a dialogue about the bigotry that exists in everyday life across America and how to approach it.

The very fact that Wilson expressed annoyance with political correctness has already caused backlash against him in Hollywood. But if we, as a society, refuse to discuss things that aren’t politically correct, how can we ever truly have productive conversations?

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